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Prioritizing Health Care for Women

Women are the backbone of society. When women are healthy and empowered, they have the power to fundamentally change an entire nation for the better. At the Village Girl Initiative in Lewis Center, Ohio, we work to empower and provide health care for women in rural African villages. Currently we have priorities in three distinct areas:

• Provide free, quality, and accessible health care services to rural villages in
   communities in The Gambia through free wellness clinics.
• Completely eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in rural villages and
   communities in The Gambia, where this horrible act is still practiced covertly.
• Empower village girls and women to attain education complete with
   resources, scholarships, sensitization programs, seminars, workshops, and
   summer camps.

Young Woman and Doctor

Young Girl and Smiling Woman

Future Priorities

In the future, we plan on expanding the scope of our services in The Gambia. Here are the goals we have for the future of our initiative:

• Build a modern birthing center and wellness clinic for the women in Mamuda village, a strategic area that connects to rural villages in the western region of The Gambia. This center will provide quality, comprehensive healthcare services for women with an emphasis on prenatal care and delivery in order to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in the communities.

• Bring volunteers from around the world with diverse health care backgrounds. Our goal is to connect doctors and nurses to rural villages and communities in The Gambia through VGI Free Wellness Clinics.

• Engage and build partnerships with individuals, organizations, stakeholders, and major donor/funding agencies with a similar interest in improving women's health, equality, empowerment, and fighting against gender based violence such as FGM. Furthermore, our goal is to network both nationally and internationally to gain access to grants and funding that will enable us to accomplish our priorities.